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2 min readAug 25, 2021

Introduction: Myself working as Architect in Cloud Data Warehouse technologies, based out of India with Infocepts Pvt. Ltd. I am Snowpro Architect, Data Engineer, Data Analyst Certified, AWS Solutions Architect — Associate, Teradata Vantage Architect & Teradata Vantage Senior Developer.

*Disclaimer — We are not affiliated or endorsed by Snowflake, Inc

Snowflake Cloud (Pic courtesy → Snowflake)

I got introduced to Snowflake in the year 2019; then already working on Amazon Redshift was curious to know how Snowflake was different. Guess what, I am SNOWED and so is the change to my data world. With this post I am here to help you to get started with your Cloud journey right into Snowflake world!

No content can get better than the one provided by Snowflake itself and below is the path I suggest -

  1. Where do you get started?

Snowflake Inc. channel on youtube.

To start off go through the 7 videos from

It consists of the following videos with rich visual content & easy to follow content.

i. Getting Started — Architecture & Key Concepts
ii. Getting Started — Introduction to Snowflake
iii. Getting Started — Introduction to Virtual Warehouses
iv. Getting Started — Introduction to Worksheets & Queries
v. Getting Started — Introduction to Data Loading
vi. New and Improved Snowflake Data Sharing
vii. Introducing Snowflake Architecture in 90 Seconds

2. What next?

Snowflake University.

Register and you will find lot of learning series at

Pick the batch workshops listed below and upon completion of each you would be awarded Snowflake digital badges through Acclaim Portal

Badge 1: Data Warehouse Workshop
Badge 2: Data Application Builders Workshop
Badge 3: Sharing, Marketplace, & Exchanges Workshop
Badge 4: Data Lake Workshop
Badge 5: Data Engineering Workshop

Do look out for other free courses as well!

3. What more?

Snowflake documentation — <>

It is a single point of truth for our snowflake reference . Suggest you to spend time going over the topics in the given order within documentation. Sure every time you go through you learn something new.

4. How about Hands-On?

Free Trail Account — <>

Create your account for 30 days access and get $400 worth of free usage to test drive snowflake.

Check on quick start guides — <> and follow along the tutorials to get you up and running with the Snowflake Data Cloud.

5. How to excel?

Snowflake Community — <>

Join the data Community to learn, engage, and innovate together with other Snowflake enthusiast’s, learners and experts.
You get access to Technical forum, User Groups, Discussions, Support, Events and many other resources.

Happy learning and get Snowed!




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